Friday, March 4, 2011

BREZEL GÖRING 3 untitled songs on a blank 7inch

C.,F. and myself once (=eight years ago) had theis infamous idea of a unique split-7" label, entitled shipshap. we asked a couple of bands we love (Tara Jane O'Neil, Ida, Plus/Minus, Stereo Total, Lou Barlow, Mary Timony), most of them were if not always super enthusiastic, then at least interested. Brezel was the only one to send us something in order to get an idea of what he was ready to contribute, Tara wrote us one nice letter, Ida and Plus Minus seemed super-happy, but never sent ANYTHING, and so, in the end, our personal laziness and individual handicaps helping, we never made it.

ach ja.

this 7" is amazing. Brezel is still doing great music. we should ask him again.

(Dave, have you noticed the concert ticket? i have to say that at that time, i found you quite quirky...)


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